Client Testimonials

"Amanda has treated my horse on 2 occasions and offered advice on many others. My boy had problems with stiffness in his hind quarters which is no longer a problem, and uneven muscle build, which we are well on the way to resolving. She has a wonderful way with horses, treats them in a calm and understanding manner and is able to make an instant connection."

GF, West Yorks

"When Amanda came to treat my two horses, from the very start she had a very calm and relaxed manner, so my gelding, Phoenix, who can be a bit worried by professional people who might hurt him (in his head anyway), was immediately at ease. He completely relaxed into the treatment, which he obviously loved as he went quite sleepy. I found Amanda's manner with the horses, the treatment she gave and the aftercare advice to be absolutely excellent, and I have been able to carry on with some simple massage techniques, which have been a great benefit to my horses. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone."

Julie, Halifax

"I can't begin to tell you how amazing she has been. I honestly believe she has let go of some anxieties. At first she was really playful & happy - to be honest I thought she was pushing it a bit after I told her she had a home for life, she was being SO cheeky lol! Now she just seems more contented, more connected & more flexible - I always said her brace was more in her mind than her body. I don't know what you did but I can't thank you enough."

GM, Lancashire

"I found the improvement in the freedom of the paces after an 'Amanda session' truly amazing. The horses relax and seem to really enjoy their treatment with this outstanding horsewoman."

Scherie Dermody - Western Equestrian Society Judge and Instructor, Advanced Dressage Rider/Trainer and Gold Series Endurance Rider/Trainer.

"I am writing to thank you for giving an extremely interesting talk at our open meeting recently. Your support is greatly appreciated and several people expressed an interest in your work. Yours in thanks, Smithills District Bridleways Association.

Superb service, friendly and reliable. Cassie is more freemoving in her movement and is less irritable. Will definatly use Amanda and A.R. Equine Therapy again. Look forward to seeing you in the future. Donna and Cassie.

Excellent, informative and friendly. Jack is much more supple and calmer to handle."

Kat and Jack