The Courses

Introduction To Massage For The Horse Owner

This is a one day course which introduces the horse owner to the principles of massage and gives a basic massage routine to help the owner to assess and areas of tension in the horses body and some basic massage techniques are given.

Course duration: 1 day
Price £80 per person

Stretching And Mobillisation Techniques

Covers how and when to safely stretch your horse using passive and active stretching.

Course duration: half a day
Price: £40 per person


Rider Alignment Courses

We start the day dismounted looking at the effects of rider alignment on the horse and how different saddles effect rider posture. Then we look at you mounted on your own horse using a Port Lewis Pad and video to show how you are sitting on your horse.

Course duration: 1 day (max 4 people)
Price: £80 per person

Confidence Courses

A dismounted day looking at Rider psychology and using Meridian Therapy (EFT) , sports psychology and councelling to overcome confidence issues in your riding.

Course duration: half a day
Price: £40 per person

Travel costs to your venue is at 50p per mile round trip.